Web Design

Choosing the right designer to create your web presence can be difficult. Instead of trying to persuade you with fancy words and convincing you to have a web site, we would like to explain how we would go about designing a site.

We don’t use packaged software to create a web site. By that we mean we don’t open up an editor and create a web page from a template inside of the program or use clipart type elements to create a site. We rely on our experience and knowledge of current web languages to provide a definitive, creative web presence for a client.

We do have a large digital photo stock library of various photos to create designs or we are to use photos provided by the client to create web elements from. While we prefer a graphically oriented site, we do not push this on our clients, we offer both a graphically oriented, and a text oriented layout, and sometimes a mixed layout. In the end the site that is provided to the client is one that the client is satisfied with.

We also insist on talking to our clients and getting to know their business, we feel that this is the only way to provide a complete website that would represent the client the best.

We are also different from other design firms in that we don’t have set package plans for clients to pick from rather we look at three factors:

  1. The scope of the project
    • What does the client want for the end product?
    • Layout and design only?
    • When does the client need the site to go live by?
    • Are there additional photo elements that need to be taken by us or will be provided by the client either as a digital file or photo print?
  2. Web site promotion
    • Search engine submittal, and optimization of keywords
    • Internet directory research and listing
    • Requesting links from other web sites to the client’s site.
  3. Budget of the client
    • Are there certain items that could be handled by the client, such as populating the site with the content based upon a template created by us?
    • Are there elements that could wait to be implemented until later?

OrĀ with your project requirements and we will return a quote to you as soon as possible. If it is a rush or priority project please indicate that.