Responsive Theme Workshop – WordCamp Columbus 2015

Join me at WordCamp Columbus 2015 for a ton of great talks on WordPress, networking opportunities, and a chance to hang with a lot of great people!

While you’re there you may want to check out my session.  This year I’ll be conducting a mini-workshop, introducing everyone to the basics of building a responsive theme for WordPress.

What is the session about?

While there are a ton of great themes both in the repository as well at the various premium theme markets, there comes a time when you just need to hunker down and build a theme yourself.  While preparing to migrate a site that I work with in my full-time job, we started looking for ways to build a responsive website.  We found Foundation5 and absolutely fell in love with the ease of the markup and features offered.  We tried a few of the free Foundation5 based WordPress themes, but all of them felt bloated by the time we were done.

Shortly before we found Foundation5, I heard about the Underscores starter theme from Automattic.  I had been creating themes the hard way (hand coding every file needed for a theme), Underscores sounded like a good place to start.  I just happened to search and found my answer to how to use both Underscores and Foundation5.

So while this isn’t a new concept it’s one that we’ve put to good use where I work full-time.  I’ve used the process on some side projects too.  Now I would like to share what we’ve learned with our local WordPress community at WordCamp Columbus.

My colleague, David Brattoli, will be assisting throughout the session, since my plan is to actually have all in the audience crack open a fresh download of Underscores and Foundation5 and see how to marry the two into a great starting place for a theme.

We’ll even show how we built a theme framework using Underscores and Foundation5, to then build child themes on top of for all of the sites we’re migrating to WordPress.

Get your ticket today!  See you July 17-19!